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First Data


Allowing customers to pay with plastic isn't an option for todays merchants, it's a requirement. Reliable electronic payment solutions from First Data can help reduce the time merchants spend handling other payment types and allow you to focus on serving your customers and making sales.

Choose from a variety of our electronic payment and online transaction processing solutions to enable credit and debit acceptance, check verification, currency conversion and contactless payment options.

Virtual Point of Sale Solutions
As long as you have a Web connection, you can turn a PC into a point-of-sale (POS) device and process transactions from nearly any location, established or virtual. First Data houses all cardholder information for quick processing and maximum security with our and solutions.




If you have an iPhone 3G or 3GS, you can add on our swipe device with an app that is downloaded from the App Store and take credit cards!

View this Payware Transaction on an iPhone in under 1.5 minutes!

Mercury Payment Systems




Fresh Thinking Is Our Business

It's how Mercury got started, and it never stops. Besides being a payment processor, we're a technology company and a value-added merchant services provider. We innovate to be the first to market with new advantages that help our partners succeed.

Mercury includes services such as:
* MercuryView
Our partner portals provide up-to-the-minute transaction reports, as well as intelligent data and customized resources to streamline business operations. Our versatile MercuryView™ platform provides real-time transaction information, transaction history, daily batch and deposit details, and monthly statements.

* MercuryStand-In
If a processing outage occurs, we turn on MercuryStand-In™. We developed this unique service so our merchants keep processing if there's an outage within the authorization network. We "stand in" - so business continues as usual.

* MercuryGift
MercuryGift™ helps merchants generate new revenue, increase brand exposure, and easily manage gift card sales for one store or an entire chain. Our credit card merchants enjoy unlimited free MercuryGift transactions, including gift card issue, gift card sales, and gift card reload.

What can the right credit card services do?

7 Integrated with Point of Sale Systems
6 24/7 Support
5 Competive Rates
4 Local or Phone Sales Staff
3 Gift Card Programs to grow your business!

We work with the best in the business. Our partners have the flexibility of month-to-month to three year standard contracts.

How are we different?

Most credit card companies do not have the IT know how to integrate their services into your system. We are a complete turnkey to be able to integrate or work with your IT company to integrate your services and get you up and going as painless as possible.

All of our new merchants that sign up with Mercury, receive 100 FREE gift cards and a website where your customers can check balances online, just like the big guys!