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Industry trends for downtime
Independant study results of downtime effects




Independant study results from a group of North American businesses ranging from small to medium to large. We all have the same types of issues, just on different scales.

Don't become a statistic:

  • North American businesses collectively suffer from 1,661,321 hours of IT downtime each year. That's an average of 10 hours per company
  • During these periods, when business critical systems are interrupted, companies estimate that their ability to generate revenue reduced by 29%
  • Post IT downtime (i.e. when IT systems are up and running), there's an additional delay of 7.5 hours per year at each firm during which time data is still being recovered. Across North America, that's another 1,255,220 hours when business operations aren't fully operational
  • In this post-outage period when data recovery is taking place, company revenue generation is still severely hampered, down by an average of 17%

Support Plans
Control your costs a set expense

Most companies require a large range of IT services and support to increase their competitive edge against their fellow rivals or just to stay in business! AribaTech aims to provide and manage full IT services or systems with solid, reliable support to troubleshoot any technology issue. Our professional technicians can quote a new information system for you, plan and align it with your business strategies to ensure you have maximum benefits from the system. AribaTech can provide:

  • Full Support - Whether from a remote site assistance and even on-site assistance, we are able to provide on service to any issues that your company may call up about.
  • Build & Upgrade your System - We can provide consultations on pricing out a system to match your budget. Whether upgrades or a full system overhaul, we can provide the appropriate solutions to meet all your outsourcing needs.
  • Network Configurations - We can provide full networking services to get your company connected in the best possible way. Get connected with us and aim for a better result tomorrow!

Once we have your systems and networks balanced, our support plans help you control IT costs and have one monthly budgetable expense for your IT services.

No payroll expenses, no holiday pay,
no worries.
We are the affordable choice for
your IT Department


On Demand Services
Call us when you need help

We know you need service right away. If you are not on a support plan, we can work with you to assist you through an onsite visit or remote, depending on the issue and urgency.

We have years of expertise at your disposal, we can help you set up or troubleshoot your PCs, Peripherals, business network, printers, telecommunications equipment and more. Plus, we can remotely access your computer, with your permission, to connect to your system or network and resolve issues quickly and efficiently so you can get back to business.

  • Troubleshooting of hardware and printers
  • Driver Updates
  • Anti-Virus, Spyware and Malware protection
  • Network communication issues
  • Onsite tune up for your systems
  • Onsite configuration of your network
  • Moving your PCs to new office location
  • Bringing your office technology up to date
  • Remote support for quick-fix issues
  • General consulting for all technology questions